• industrial training in udaipur

    Sonic eSolution is one of the best IT company in Udaipur provides solutions for Software Development, SEO, Offshore Website Development, Internet Marketing, Outsourcing . Our training structure includes Industrial, Live Project, Corporate, PHP, Asp.Net, Web & Graphics Design Trainings.

    If you are looking for an excellent combo having exposure on live projects and industrial training Sonic eSolution is the best solution for you. We will give students opportunity to work on live projects of the company. Each student will be provided expertise assistance to handle their projects. Unlike training institutes where students are provided with classroom studies, here we offer a live atmosphere to the students where all developers complete their job. It is a big opportunity to work in a company where education leads to quality.

    Objectives of Our Industrial Training:

    • Exposure to practical knowledge and experience apart from classroom study
    • Providing live working environment
    • To develop skills in the application of theory to practical work situations
    • Exposure to responsibilities and code ethics followed in our organization
    • To expose students to real work environment experience gain knowledge in writing report in technical works/projects
    • Placing the best candidates in our organization
    • To develop skills in the application of theory to practical work situations
    • To develop skills and techniques directly applicable to their careers
    • Internships will increase a student's sense of responsibility and good work habits
    • To build the strength, teamwork spirit and self-confidence in students life